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Window Type: Air Conditioner

Features & benefits

4-Way Air Deflection

It removes dust in the air as well as bacteria prolifera-tion, making the indoor atmosphere healthy.

Slide-out Chassis

For easy installation and service, the slide-out chassis eliminates the need to remove the unit from the window or wall.

Reversible Open Grille and One Touch Air Filter

Reversible Open Grille helps in easy ejection of air filter from the unit regardless of installation place.

Auto Swing

The air circulation vents swing constantly & silently from side to side, directing cool air to every corner of the room.

For Low noise at high air volume.

The bigger and stronger New Blower and Fan have higher efficiency at lower RPMs.

High Efficiency Compressor

LG Rotary compressor has a good reputation for low noise, low vibration and high efficiency and reliability.

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