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Floor-STanding Air Conditioner
Features & Benefits

Jet Cool:
  • In Jet mode quick & fast cooling for a pleasantly cool enviroment is very possible. Cold & high velocity air is supplied to the room till the indoor temperature reaches 18C.
3D Cubic Cooling System :
  • This model features three-way ventilations coming from the front & both sides. This revolutionary technology is the first of its kind in the world & enables it to cool off the room temperature in the fastest way since the cooling air comes out from three portions.
Tele Control : (Accessory)
  • It provides you ease of control & practicality from were ever you might be, as long as you have a mobile phone you can be in control of your enviroment at home. Air conditioner can be switched on/off by the telephone. It saves time and energy.
  • And is used: In Advance by Telephone,
    Before Coming Home,
    In case of Going out,
    Without Turning off the,
    Air Conditioner.
Plasma Air Purifier:
  • It removes all microscopic contaminants & dust, together with house mites, pollen & pet fur to help prevent allergies like asthma & hay-fever. It provides dust free, odor free & allergy free air.
Energy Saving Gold Fin:
  • Outdoor heat exchanger fins are coated with hydrophilic & anticorrosive layers. It prevents the corrosion of heat exchangers. Fins remain as new even after a long time in operation & maintain their efficiency. This will also save on power & maintenance costs.
Salt Spray Test Result: After 360 hours
[ Test Standard: ASTM B-117, KS D 9502 ]
Floor Standing Air Conditioner Features

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Features

Child Lock Function:
  • The child lock function prevents children & others from tampering with the control buttons on the unit. The unit can be controlled by a wireless remote controller.
Cooling Heating & Fan Operation:
  • LG Floor Standing type air conditioners can provide cooling, heating & fan operation. In the cooling mode, it cools the air with an operation range of 18-30C. In the heating mode, it heats the air with an operation range of 16-30C. In the fan operation mode, only indoor fan at the selected speed will run, outdoor fan & compressor will be off.
Self Diagnosis Function:
  • The unit has been fitted with a self diagnosis function monitoring its own performance. If a fault is to occur an error code will be displayed on the LED display panel & diagnosis can be done as per the code indication.
Wireless Remocon:

Floor Standing Air Conditioner Features

  • User friendly & provides ease of control.
Electric Heater:
  • Electric Heater allows for quick heating of your enviroment in 2 ways, it can be used to provide heat in addition to refrigerant cycle heat or it can also work as a stand alone heater with only a fan operation.
Auto Swing:

Auto Swing

  • The auto swing function allows for air to blow in 2 or 4 directions, distributing hot or cold air evenly throughout the room.
Zero Standby Power:

Standby Power

  • Due to SMPS (Switching Modulation Power Supply) technology there is almost zero power consumption in the standby mode.
  • LG unit in standby mode uses 0.5W power consumption.
  • Other units use between 5-6W on standby mode.
Auto Restart Operation :
  • If there is an electricity failure the system shuts off automatically. After the power is resumes, the unit will start in the same set conditions prior to the power failure. Memorized conditions are on/off condition, operting mode (cooling/heating), set temperature & fan speed. The unit will memorize the above conditions & start with the same memorized condition.
7-Hour On & Off Timer:
  • This function allows you to set the timer for one or up to seven hours.
Hot Start Function :
  • When the unit is started in heating mode, it will prevent cold air being blown from the unit. It starts the indoor fan only after the indoor unit pipe temperature reaches a preset value(28°C). When the indoor unit pipe temperature has reached 28°C, then the indoor fan runs for 1 minute at a low speed & after that at the set fan speed.
Defrost & Deicing :
  • When in the heating mode, this will prevent ice formation on the outdoor unit. The heating cycle is reversed to the cooling cycle to defrost the evaporator pipe of the outdoor unit. During the defrost cycle, the compressor is on as is the indoor fan, the outdoor fan & 4-way valve are off.
Soft Dry Operation :
  • During Soft Dry Operation, the compressor ON temperature is the setting temperature plus 2C, the compressor OFF temperature is the setting temperature minus 1C. When the room temperature rises over the compressor ON temperature, the operation mode is switched to the Cooling mode. When the room temperature falls between the compressor ON temperature and OFF temperature, the operation mode is switched to the Soft Dry Operation.

    Floor Standing Air Conditioner Diagram
Time Delay Safety Function:
  • A saftey feature which delays restarting of the compressor by three minutes, thereby preventing damage to the compressor.
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