Air conditioning is no longer limited to the welathy, prices have dropped, and an increasing number of people are now installing air conditioners both in the work and residential environment.

We have noticed a definate and positive trend in growth, especially in the private sector.

Global warming and a general increase of temperatures world wide are encouraging more people to invest and install in air conditioners.

Cooler environments in South Africa's warm summers and warmer living areas in winter also plays a big part.

Air conditioners
have become a necessity and are no longer a luxury.

Our high standard of workmanship with air conditioner installations and maintenance as well as ongoing research to assure you the latest in energy saving air conditioners have helped make Randburg Airconditioners one of South Africa's leading air conditioner suppliers.

Air conditioners provide you with many benefits in comfort and relaxation.

People who are uncomfortable in their work or living environments due to excessive heat or cold, are far less productive than those who have a regulated temperature.