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12 000 BTU Portable Air conditioner

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12 000 BTU Portable Air conditioner



The elegant Alliance Air Portable Airconditioner is supplied and backed by the 1 STOP AIRCONS. Requiring no professional installation, it can be taken home and installed within minutes by the home owner. It can be used to either cool in Summer or heat in Winter.

Unlike room coolers that rely on the evaporation of water to reduce air temperature – which increases humidity – the Alliance Air Portable Airconditioner is a true airconditioner, equipped with a 1.5 metre exhaust hose to vent heat via a window. A 1.3 metre window slider kit is supplied for this purpose.

The Alliance Air Portable Airconditioner also removes excess humidity from the air, venting it outside via the exhaust hose. Equipped with a filter to clean the airflow, the unit has a remote control for convenient operation and change of direction of airflow. For the home or small office, Alliance Air's Portable Airconditioner is the perfect answer to economical Summer cooling and Winter heating.

Sold, distributed and nationally supported by Alliance

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