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Air Curtains - Air Conditioner



The 'invisible door' for shops, offices, restaurants, malls and other industrial and commercial outlets

Mounted above entrance doors, an Alliance Air Curtain aircon acts as an invisible shield separating the indoor environment from the exterior, yet allowing
your door to stay invitingly open for customers.

Directing a virtually silent sheet of air vertically downwards, an Alliance Air Curtain aircon ensures excellent interior climate control, thus providing a comfortable environment as well as significant energy savings in terms of airconditioning. The unit itself consumes minimal energy – less than three 100W light bulbs! A High/Low switch control allows variation of air volume.

Easy to install and maintain, the Alliance Air Curtain airconis available in 3 widths: 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. For wider apertures, several units can be mounted side-by-side to provide a continuous air curtain.

  • Keeps the heat out of cool airconditioned interiors
  • Keeps the cold out of heated environments
  • Prevents the entrance of dust, odours, fumes and insects
  • Provides considerable energy savings

Sold, distributed and nationally supported by Alliance

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