How to Conserve Electricity With Your Air Conditioners

Learn how to save electricity when using your air conditioner. You can both enjoy the comfort of your air conditioning, conserve electricity, and save money if you do the following.
  • Increase your air conditioner temperature. Just a 1 degree higher setting could mean significant savings of 2% and you will not notice the difference. So for every 1 degree increase, save 2%. As an example, if you increase your setting from 68 to 73%, you can save 10%.
  • You can conserve energy by ensuring the room is properly sealed by ensuring the doors and windows fit properly and that there are no visible space or leaks on the seals.
  • Shades, awning, and drapes shield windows from the hot sun, which keeps your home cooler. Also, reflective films can be used on windows to screen out rays of the hot sun without reducing the light you receive. As a side benefit, when doors and windows are shut, your AC will operate more efficiently.
  • Ensure you buy a properly sized unit for the area to be cooled and the intended number of persons occupying the room. The wrong size AC will use more electricity and increase your energy bills. Save money and conserve electricity by buying the correct unit.
  • Conserve electricity by setting the thermostat to the maximum comfortable temperature. Set the thermostat in the comfort zone i.e. between 70 - 75 degrees..
  • Absolutely do not block the air vent with furniture.
  • Where you install your air conditioner determines how efficient it will be. Locate your unit on the best shaded side of your house. If the AC unit is exposed to sunlight, it has to work way harder & use more energy to cool your home.
  • Regular maintenance will help ensure that your air conditioner operates efficiently. Check the units filter at least every other month by holding it up to a bright light. If you cannot see through it is time to replace or clean the filter. Also check the owner’s guide to find out how to clean the condenser coils and fans on the unit.
  • Conserve energy on cooling costs by not cooling unoccupied rooms. This is a every effective way how to conserve electricity. If you want your home to be cool when you come home at the end of the day, automatic timers and programmable thermostats for air conditioners are available that turn the AC unit on before you arrive home rather than have it run all day long, which of course you pay for.
  • In moderate conditions fans provide very low cost comfort. Fans will make your air conditioner's job easier while saving you money. Ceiling and pedestal fans improve the air circulation in your home, which allows you to raise the air conditioner's thermostat. In moderate heat, fans can completely replace air conditioners. Ceiling fans will use only one-tenth the electricity of a home air conditioner.

Date Posted: 23 January 2012